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Speaker – Thought Leader – Game Changer

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Feather Ruffler in Chief. Old school & new fangled, I make a mean fried chicken w/tofu on the side. Chief Creative @ UnB2. Have folding chair will travel.

Kimberly Ellis is the Founder of Unbought – Unbossed, an incubator for the next generation of political disruptors. As the former Executive Director of Emerge California, the state’s most effective training program for Democratic women who run for office, Kimberly is a nationally recognized Progressive leader who has been credited with revolutionizing Democratic politics in California.

A captivating orator who educates, motivates and inspires people to action, Kimberly brings a wide breath of experience in traditional media and digital content creation.



There’s a preexisting belief that California is the center of innovation; a brand identity that we happily embrace. If California is where ideas and cutting-edge technology are born, then we believe the same is true for political innovation.


Introducing Unbought – Unbossed, a 3-year initiative designed to disrupt the disaffected political status quo by meeting people where they’re at to educate, motivate and inspire them to action to effect change at the ballot box.


An incubator for the next generation of political disruptors, at its core, UnB2 is about civic education, civic engagement and civic empowerment. It’s about recognizing that we’re in a moment of movement politics and leaning into the civics renewal that’s taking place across the country. It’s about transforming everyday people into empowered activists.