Kimberly Ellis | Redefining what it means to be…
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Redefining what it means to be…

Redefining what it means to be…

Redefining what it means to be…

Definition of 45: Fine. Fierce. Fabulous. Fearless. Fresh out of f***s to give.

Modern day culture would have us believe that, similar to the law of diminishing returns, once we hit age 35, it’s all down hill from there. In case you haven’t already figured it out, that’s the Jedi mind trick. The okie-doke. Straight up malarkey. Don’t fall for it.

If anything, being 45 means you’ve earned the right to break out the red ballpoint pen, commence with the strike-throughs and redefine a little, a lot, or the whole damn thing.

Personally, I’m having a “whole damn thing” kinda moment, so here goes:


Redefining the game, tossing out the factory-issued SOP and playing by my own rules.

Redefining self-care as a priority as opposed to an afterthought, understanding that “put your oxygen mask on first” isn’t just for airplane settings.

Redefining success as a meaningful and purposeful life, well-lived, with unconditional love and support from family and friends.

Redefining womanhood as not just being outspoken, but being #Upspoken – meaning I up-speak, up-support and uplift other women as I climb.

Redefining Black excellence as no longer an exception, but the rule.

Redefining time and space, no longer romanticizing about where I’ve been, but manifesting where I’m going.

Redefining expectations, understanding that the grass is greener right here, exactly where I am, in this present moment.

Aaliyah said it best, age ain’t nothing but a number. You’re only as old as you feel.

And today, at 45, I feel hella(!) good. Like I’m just hitting my stride. Like, you can’t touch this. Like, I got hot sauce in my bag. Like, I ain’t no hollaback girl. But seriously, I do have hot sauce in my bag. The little Tabasco ones. #swag

Living my best life? You better believe it. Thankful for the good, the bad and the ugly, with no regrets. Only love. And gratitude. Sooooo much gratitude.

A walking testament that God’s grace and mercy are real, I’m turning all my L’s into lessons…

Happy birthday to me and all my fellow July babies… with sprinkles on top!! Cancerians ROCK!!